10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Going To Propose: How to Tell If He’s Ready

Dr. Serenity
April 12, 2023

10 Signs Your Boyfriend is Ready to Pop the Question

If you’re wondering whether your boyfriend is planning to propose, there are some signs that may clue you in. Men often exhibit certain behaviors before they pop the question. Read on to learn 10 likely signs that he’s preparing to propose.

The day my boyfriend proposed, I had no idea what was coming. I was actually quite annoyed with him because he wasn’t acting like himself. Looking back, I now realize that he was showing all the classic signs that he was about to propose. If you’re curious about whether your boyfriend is getting ready to pop the question, keep an eye out for these 10 signs.

  1. He’s nervous or needy.

If your guy is acting more nervous or needy than usual, he might be working up the courage to propose. He’ll want to make sure that you’re on the same page and that you’ll say yes.

  1. He’s saving money.

If your boyfriend suddenly starts pinching pennies and being frugal, he could be saving up for an engagement ring or a future wedding. These are both expensive investments that require careful financial planning.

  1. He’s interested in weddings.

If your guy suddenly seems more interested in weddings, it could be because he’s thinking about his own. He might ask you about the details of other people’s weddings or make observations about the event.

  1. He’s preparing for domestic bliss.

Is your boyfriend suddenly acting like the perfect partner? Cooking you meals, doing household chores and shopping with you? It may be a sign that he’s ready to take your relationship to the next level. Guys often need reassurance that their proposal will be met with a positive response. By showing you that he’s willing to share the workload and make a home with you, he’s sending the message that he’s committed to your future together. Pay attention to his personal grooming habits too. If he’s ditching his old grungy look and cleaning up his appearance, it could be another sign that he’s ready to grow up and settle down.

  1. He’s nervous around your friends.

When a guy is getting ready to propose, he may turn to your friends for advice on how to make it perfect. This can lead to some awkwardness or funny behavior around your group. But your friends may also be in on the secret and share in the excitement of the upcoming proposal.

  1. He’s saying goodbye to his bachelor days.

If your boyfriend is trading in his poker nights with the guys for cozy nights in with you, it could be a sign that he’s ready to commit to a future together. Changes in his vocabulary, like using “our” and “we” instead of “my” and “I,” can also indicate that a proposal is on the horizon. Pay attention to these signs and you just might find yourself saying “yes” to a proposal sooner than you expected!

  1. Signs He’s Ready to Settle Down.

When you first started dating, your partner may have seemed like a commitment-phobe. But now, he’s bringing up topics that would have sent him running for the hills a few years ago. If your partner wants to discuss things like where you see yourself in five years, your preference for an apartment or a house, your opinion on big weddings, and your thoughts about having children or living on one salary for a while, it’s a sign that he’s seriously considering settling down.

  1. He’s Snooping Around Your Jewelry Box.

If your partner, best friend, or sister starts asking about the size of your ring finger, it’s a dead giveaway that a proposal is in the works. Innocent-sounding, off-hand remarks like “Oh, those are nice earrings,” or “I hear princess-cut diamonds are back in style” are also signs. And if your favorite ring suddenly goes missing, it’s officially okay to start practicing signing your new name.

  1. He Wants to Spend Time With Your Parents.

If your partner is an old-fashioned guy, he may want to talk to your parents and ask for permission before popping the question. If your partner and your dad suddenly become buddy-buddy, it could be a sign that they’ve already had “the talk.”

  1. He Plans a Very Romantic Outing.

The most telling sign that your partner is planning to propose is that he makes plans that are a little too secretive or vague, such as a weekend trip to Paris or the beach, a reservation at an exclusive restaurant, or a rendezvous at a place that has personal significance for the two of you or for him. If the outing takes place around sunset with a view or if your friends have told you it’s super-romantic, then it’s a sure sign that a proposal is in the works.

So if your partner is acting strange and some or all of these signs of an imminent marriage proposal sound familiar, be patient. You’ll probably have a very big question to answer soon.

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